Preview of our new iOS App

Hey guys, some of you wanted to see a few screenshots of our App that I am currently developing. I’m glad to provide those below! Obviously this App will be free. When the app is finished and accepted into the app store, I’ll make sure to let everyone know. Please let me know what you think of the new app, or what you would like to see implemented in the App — on our forum.

photo 3

photo 2

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Updates 5/26/14

  • Created Spleef arena in minigames
  • Created DeathMatch in minigames
  • Created and implemented /mpc plugin that makes minigames travel seamless
  • More progress on new ranks

Concerning latest minecraft update on survival (1.7.9)

In minecraft’s latest update, they have decided to change the way player data is stored (most likely in preparation for their new naming system). Unfortunately, with this cool update comes things that are unavoidable, and that aren’t so great. If you log on after the date that this post was created, there might be a few things that are different with your player. The server thinks you are a new player(because it has to generate a new player file) so you will have no/few items in your inventory, but you will not be starting at the premember quiz because it is currently disabled for this reason. Again, this is unavoidable and bothersome, but we can get through it. Thank you for your understanding.

Updates 4/9/14

  • Created WorldMessages plugin (/wm). This plugin has a custom message for everytime you switch into other worlds and when you log into a specific world. Very useful replacement for motd/greeting messages.
  • Edited donate page in preparation for the new/edited packages.
  • Finally configured the forums to require email authentication for new users (will reduce spam)
  • Swapped to business class internet.

McTopia 3.1

Announcing McTopia 3.1. The network currently is planned to consist of 4 servers; a plot server, the main server(which will be toned down soon), another plot server, and a minigames server. Come on and have a look!hub

Frontier ISP Outage

You are probably aware of some McTopia services are currently down (e.g. the server), this is due to a confirmed frontier issue with their dns lines. The support agent I talked with said it was due to harsh weather. Again, its a dns outage, so you will still probably be able to check the site (hosted on frontier) for updates. Please be patient as there is nothing I can currently do to resolve this issue.

EDIT: Most of their issues have been resolved as of now, there are still some sites that are not available with people using Frontier.

October’s vote winner

Congrats havokreaker you have won a $20 buycraft credit. To claim your prize get on your minecraft account and send a mail message to inspironwins saying what you would like. Sorry to those that did not win, but there were hundreds of entries. Note to winners that do not accept their prize: you have 1 week to accept, after that the winner will be re-drawn from the October vote list (separate from the would be November one). Thank you all for participating.

Feed The Beast

Just in case you haven’t seen the newly added page to the site. We have a FTB server currently running the unleashed variant of it. I realize that not many people on McTopia play FTB so there probably won’t be many people on it. However for the few that do feel free to check it out.

September’s vote winner

Congrats EmotionalCookie you have won a $20 buycraft credit. You can choose to do whatever you would like with it. To claim your prize get on your minecraft account and send a mail message to inspironwins saying what you would like. Sorry to those that did not win, but there were hundreds of entries. You will have another chance at the end of September! Thank you all for participating.