Updates 8/15/15

  • Top balance added to all ranks in survival (/baltop)
  • Staff can now temporarily warn people (/bmtempwarn)
  • Survival border has been increased 100 blocks
  • Floor 2 on the admin shop in survival has been completed (enchants)

Updates 8/13/45

  • Enabled item blacklist on creative
  • Staff permissions set for creative and survival
  • Added nether and end portals in the spawn of survival
  • Added to admin shop in survival
  • Edited donation ranks for survival
  • Added higher anti grief precious stones limit to donation ranks for survival

Updates 8/6/15

  • New website up and running
  • http://query.mctopia.us recoded for new servers
  • Query AKA Player List is now fully functional
  • Buycraft store fully up-to-date
  • Ranks are now displayed in Global Chat
  • All new donations including lower-priced, modulated packages that get you exactly what you want. (checkout Slimefun packages)
  • All name changes are now global, if you purchased after 8/3/15

Preview of our new iOS App

Hey guys, some of you wanted to see a few screenshots of our App that I am currently developing. I’m glad to provide those below! Obviously this App will be free. When the app is finished and accepted into the app store, I’ll make sure to let everyone know. Please let me know what you think of the new app, or what you would like to see implemented in the App — on our forum.

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

Updates 5/26/14

  • Created Spleef arena in minigames
  • Created DeathMatch in minigames
  • Created and implemented /mpc plugin that makes minigames travel seamless
  • More progress on new ranks

Concerning latest minecraft update on survival (1.7.9)

In minecraft’s latest update, they have decided to change the way player data is stored (most likely in preparation for their new naming system). Unfortunately, with this cool update comes things that are unavoidable, and that aren’t so great. If you log on after the date that this post was created, there might be a few things that are different with your player. The server thinks you are a new player(because it has to generate a new player file) so you will have no/few items in your inventory, but you will not be starting at the premember quiz because it is currently disabled for this reason. Again, this is unavoidable and bothersome, but we can get through it. Thank you for your understanding.